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Note From Erica Mathews....(founder of Jazzy Creative)

I have been doing some changes and redesigning for the new year 2019. I decided to relaunch Jazzy Creative as our online shop platform. The blog and magazine content has been transferred over to my lifestyle and business blog at EricaMathews.com.

I am extremely excited about this change! Now, we can focus more on product development and serving our community. As of right now, we will no longer be publishing the magazine. Our last issue is Spring 2019. Focusing more on book publishing and productivity tools such as journals/planners. The magazine is still available... jazzycreative.com/collections/magazines.

My goals is to still provide a platform to showcase others through my Podcast Show...  The Erica Mathews Show

Simplifying our brand helps us grow stronger. Inspiring women and women entrepreneurs has always been our mission at it's core. So, get ready for fun lifestyle products to help you stay organized, motivated, and inspired in life.

Our product line includes:

  • Planner/Journals
  • TShirts
  • Books
  • Art Print
  • Brand Styling
  • Accessories & More!

Printables, Digital, & Physical Products

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